The Story of Thread Avenue

The wonderful tradition of monogramming has been around since the Victorian era. Considered a sign of prestige, families would create their own unique monogram styles from embroidery to stamps. Today the tradition continues, but has taken on a meaning of its own.

Personalisation not only adds an element of class and prominence to a gift, but also a way of bringing additional sentimentality and care to the item you chose. Something otherwise off the shelf becomes a timeless keepsake, treasured for years – even decades. And while in the past personalised gifts may have been kept in drawers, we wanted to curate a collection of gifts that were modern, minimalist and stylish. Items that anyone would be proud to display or wear around their home and most importantly, personalised with love here in Australia.

We hope you love the Thread Avenue Collection as much as we do.

A note from the founder

"I started Thread Avenue because after four refreshing years away from the corporate world I knew I couldn’t go back. No more hiding behind a desk and surviving in a repetitive day job. I’ve always loved indulgences like fluffy bathrobes and elegant home decor and being able to give gifts that not only feel high end but also provide a personal touch. And when I noticed that our family run wholesale embroidery business was receiving constant requests from retail customers to personalise towels and other gifts, I saw an opportunity -- to bring the time honoured tradition of monogramming to the sophistication of modern, minimalist homewares, transforming them into something unique and likely to be treasured for years. I curated the Thread Avenue range carefully to ensure that each item not only embodies understated elegance but is high quality and something you’d happily gift yourself or your loved ones. Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life. Thank you for giving us at Thread Avenue the opportunity to bring some into yours.”

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